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November 23rd, 2017

We have had a lot of new wines that have come in over the last few months. Sometimes we don’t always communicate them all as they tend to come in all at once at various stages in the year. So here is a quick summary, and I will break it into regions.

Bordeaux – fresh from a recent trip to see old friends in Bordeaux, we also found some great wines at a range of price points. We met our old friend Gavin Quinney at Chateau Bauduc and his wines are still tasting superb.

Gavin Quinney of Chateau Bauduc with Gary Gubbins

Gavin Quinney of Chateau Bauduc with Gary Gubbins

Most of the Bordeaux is in next week but Already in is
A fantastic Pomerol from Bordeaux called Chateau l’Enclos Its a 2014 so is approachable after decanting.

Arriving next week are

Cap St Georges from St Emilion

X de Larrivaux from the Haut Medoc region at a great price.

Have you had a Puisseguin St Emilion – if not, try the wonderful Chateau Rose Mayat Puissegion St Emilion

We have a lovely Entre Deux Mers and Bordeaux Superior from a new vineyard called Chateau Belleview ( great labels )

A WoW St Emilion Grand Cru from 2010 ( a wonderful vintage ) – for those who like them big, an 8th Generation family make this wine. Chateau Laniote St Emilion Grand Cru 2010.

Gary Gubbins and Mr de la Filolie of Chateau Laniote

Gary Gubbins and Mr de la Filolie of Chateau Laniote

The star might be Chateau Lalande St Julien ( but i am a sucker for a good St Julien ). This is also on the Bottle offers and a steal at 20% off bringing it down to €32

If you are looking for a wine to put away for a while, then the Chateau Grangeneuve Pomerol 2015 could be the one.

What is in now is ….

A great Gran Reserva called Marques de Somera at a small price

The Fantastic organic range from Tempore in Aragon – these are among our best new wines for a long time and some of them are included in our bottle offers this Christmas. Check out the range here.

The top wine from our very popular Albarino producer. The Sobre Lias Albarino is perfect for those richer dishes.


To join the Chablis and Chablis 1er Cru we also now have the Petit Chablis from Chateau de Chemilly – a gentler introduction to the joys of Chablis and Chardonnay.

Our good friends at Viranel have released a new 100% Syrah from the best plots called 1551 ( the year the family aquired the land ).

Have you seen the new label on Rendez Vous – great present for the Red head in your life and its in the Gold Case.


We have 3 new wines ( including an organic one ) from a new producer from Montepuliciano d’Abruzzo called Collefrisio. The Morrecine wine is part of the bottle offers and is down to €11.99 as part of a mix of 12. There is also the organic wine and treat yourself with the Vignaquadra wine.

We also have a new Sondraia Bolgheri Superiore from Poggio al Tesora ( owned by the Allegrini family ). – its a treat but WoW.

New Zealand

For those of you who like Central Otago Pinot Noir ( ala Two Paddocks ) then you’ll love Burn Cottage ‘Moonlight Race’ Pinot Noir.


We have a lovely cheap and cheerful Malbec called Santuario. Delicious

There are at least another 20-30 wines that are on the shelf but are not on the web, so the best thing is to call in and have a wander.

We will have 3 different tastings between now and Christmas. FOr more details on this, click here.

Wine Tastings for Christmas

November 23rd, 2017

Traditionally we have done a big night where we have opened loads of wines but not everyone can make it on that night so this year we will split it up and open different wines over 3 weekends. With the exception of the first one, which is at a specific time, the others will be a walk through style. We’ll have the wines open for the weekend ( from 2pm on Friday and including Sunday ).

If there is something in particular you would like to taste, please drop us a line. It is very much a drop in but if you are coming and could let us know, it would be great as we can prepare properly – and yes, you can come to all 3 events.

And YES – we will have special pricing on the wines that are open for tasting WHEN THEY ARE OPEN

Tasting 2
When ? Friday ( from 2pm) / Saturday / Sunday Dec 8/9/10
Where ? Red Nose Wine
Wines on show

X de Larrivaux from Haut Medoc in Bordeaux
Carlos Serres Crianza from Rioja in Spain
Belleview Red – a Bordeaux Superior from the great 2015 vintage
Belleview White from Entre Deux Mers in Bordeaux
Pallazzi – our new Pinot Grigio Gargenaga mix from Italy
Pur Rouge – a new biodynamic Cotes du Rhone from France
Corgo de Regua White – try something different from the Douro in Portugal
Valencay from Sebastien Vaillant – as the prices of Sancerre soar, you should try this from nearby – delicious.
Les Sablons from Ventoux in the Rhone Valley – a great wine from the near neighbour of Chateanueuf du Pape
Bodegas Sommos Taoz Reserva – a wine full of the promise of Christmas. taste it to find out what that means.

Some of these wines are already part of the Buy 2 get 10% – Buy 6 get 15% – Buy 12 get 20% deal but for the ones that are not, we will include them for the duration of the tasting ( Fri-Sat-Sun )

These tastings replace our traditional portfolio tasting ( the big night in Raheen last year ). This will hopefully allow people to get in to taste as it is starting from Friday and 2pm and runs through to Sunday ( we are open from 2 to 5 on Sundays ). There is no set time. It is a walk in, but if you are planning to come in if you could let us know, so we can be sure to get in enough cheese and crackers.

Tasting 3
When ? Friday ( from 2pm) / Saturday / Sunday Dec 15/16/17
Where ? Red Nose Wine
Wines on show – TBC

The ones you have already missed ….

First up is this Saturday from 4pm and we will have Nicolas from Chateau Viranel opening all of his wines but we will also have a range of other wines open.

Tasting 1 – with Nicolas Bergasse of Chateau Viranel
When ? Saturday November 25 at 4pm
Where ? Red Nose Wine
Wines on show – The Chateau Viranel range plus a range of new wines including Spain, Italy, Argentina, France and more … call in to find out..

Sorry for the short notice on this but we weren’t sure about Nicolas’ flight times back to France.

Nicolas Bergasse at RED NOSE WINE

Nicolas Bergasse at RED NOSE WINE

Get a Mix Case this Christmas from €60

November 22nd, 2017

Get yourself ( or somone you love ) a great mix case of wine this Christmas. Prices starting from €60

As always, we have a Silver Case ( €60), Gold Case (€80 ) and a Platinum Case at €150.

Silver Case – Buy Here

Buy a Case of Wine for €60

Buy a Case of Wine for €60

Click on the Case for details of what is in the box

Gold Case – Buy Here

Buy a Gold Case of wine this Christmas for €80

Buy a Gold Case of wine this Christmas for €80

Click on the Case for details of what is in the box

Platinum Case – Buy Here

Buy a special case of wine this Christmas

Buy a special case of wine this Christmas

If you want a 12 bottle case, just click on 2 when ordering.

Wines are liable to change as stocks expire but will always be replaced by a wine of equal or greater value

Christmas Bottle Offers

November 22nd, 2017

Every year we offer a range of wines that we discount all the way into Christmas and the New Year.


We offer a range of wines under our MultiBuy Scheme.

Buy any 2 and you get 10% OFF
and any mix of 6 gets your 15% OFF
and if you buy and mix of 12 or more you get 20% OFF.

We have broken them down into general wines, and then more premium wines. You can mix them up, so you can buy 11 of the cheaper wines and then throw in a bottle of Champagne and still get 20% OFF.

We then have the every popular 6 for €60 mix where you can mix any 6 of the wines in the list and get 6 for €60. Simple !!

Click on each of the wines to get more detail and you can also buy online.

The Wines in the list are :

From Australia
30 Mile Sauvignon Blanc from €11.19

From France
Les Sablons Ventoux Rouge from €11.99

From Italy
Mirabello Pinot Grigio from €9.59
Tenuta St Anna Prosecco Frizzante from €11.99
Collefrisio Morrecine Montepulciano d’Abruzzo from €11.99

From Portugal
Corgo de Regua Red from €11.99

From Spain
El Renegado Organic Blanco from €10.39
Marques de Alfamen Reserva Red from €11.99
Carlos Serres Rioja Crianza from €11.19
Tempore Terrae Finca Organic Grenache from €13.59

In the more premium wines, we have

From France
Sébastien Vaillant Valençay from €15.99
Terres de Truffes Ventoux from €15.99
Viranel V from €20
Chemilly Chablis 1er Cru from €25.60
Chateau Lalande St Julien from €32
Duval Leroy NV from €38.40

From Italy
Alpha Zeta Amarone from €28

from Spain
Castelo de Medina Verdejo from €11.99
Sommos Taoz Reserva from €13.59

and in the 6 for €60 mix we have wines from Chile, France, Spain and Italy

Isla Grande Chardonnay
Moulin de Gassac Classic Blanc
Moulin de Gassac Classic Rouge
Clement Bosquet Sauvignon Blanc
Glarima Red Merlot-Temp-Cab Sab
Bella Modella Pinot Grigio
Marques de Alfamen Red
CS Rioja

We also have a range of Mix Cases at various prices points that will take all the work out of it for you.

Life is much too short to drink bad wine ( especially at Christmas )

Nicolas is back – Viranel Winemaker Dinner

October 24th, 2017

For those of you who were lucky enough to be at our winemaker dinner with Nicolas Bergasse from Chateau Viranel last November, you will be delighted to learn that he is back ( by popular demand ). For those of you who weren’t there, it was a great night and Nicolas’ charm and wines matched perfectly with the food and ambiance of Mulcahys in Clonmel.

Friday November 24th is the date. Book now to avoid disappointment.

Nicolas from Viranel at Wine Dinner

A great night was had and Nicolas went away with the promise of loads of help at this years harvest. I’m not sure how many made the trip but maybe he will get more empty promises this year. Its more about the conversation and the wine than the actual work :)


If you want to join the fun, the cost is €60 which includes 4 courses and 4 wines to match. The charming Frenchman is included. Booking is direct with Mulcahys so call 052-6125054 or call into their lovely pub/restaurant/guesthouse on Gladstone Street and book your tickets now. Ask for Sharon or Gerry.

Mulcahys Wine Dinner Poster

Fathers Day Wines and Bloomsday rambling

June 16th, 2017

Its a long time since i wrote a blog. ( btw – you can skip half way down to get to the offers if you don’t want to indulge in the ramble ) I usually do the MailChimp shots with a photo or an offer or whatever else comes to mind on a Thursday evening or sometimes Friday morning. My radio ‘career’ on Tipp FM has taken me from the articles i used to like writing for The Nationalist. The odd piece for the Sunday Business Post aside, my inner James Joyce ( it is Bloomsday ) has been stifled. In the words of Freddy Mercury, “I want to break free”

Red or White?

One of the most popular gifts for Fathers Day is wine. It is a quick and easy fix and a lot of Dads really like wine. I know its a terrible and often untrue cliche that Men like Red and Women like White wine. I am a Dad and like wine. However, i do like Red, White and Rose, but its my job to, so maybe I’m not the best example. However, one thing is true. When people are buying wine as a gift for a man, 99 times out of 100 they will buy Red wine.

Buy me some Burgundy

While it is very nice to own a wine business, one draw back is that everyone is afraid to buy me wine. If they bought some cheap supermarket rubbish they would have good reason to fear my wrath, but nobody should ever be afraid to buy me a good bottle of Burgundy ( another subtle Bloomsday reference for all of you Joycean scholars ).


I’m partial to a good vintage of La Tache, but who isn’t. Alas, it never happens and I fear Fathers Day may pass me by once more, but it should not mean that the Fathers in your life should go without. With that in mind, i have 4 Red Wines to tempt you with. And I picked these wines with me in mind. 2 from France, 1 from New Zealand and 1 from Italy.

The Wine Offers are here


Domaine des Anges has long been a favourite of mine. I harbour dreams of cycling up Mount Ventoux some day and falling into the lovely pool in the vineyard afterwards. The Red is normally €17.99 but down to €14.99 to treat the Daddy in your life. Buy it here


I met the lovely Vicky at a wine show a few years ago and she makes equally lovely Fleurie – a perfect summer wine. You could even chill it a little if it gets too hot this weekend ( but don’t tell Vicky ). Normally €22 but down to €17.99 – Buy it here

New Zealand

If any of you bothered to google la Tache you will see it is a silly price, but we do have a lovely New Zealand Pinot called the Better Half and it is also a great little summer wine. Not too heavy and full of sweet strawberry and macerated cherry flavour. Yum. Normally €19.99 but down to €16.99 which is a great price for New Zealand Pinot ( especially in the current currency environment ). Buy it here


Last but by no mean least, we have something special. A magnum ( which means a double size bottle ) of Barolo. This is a wine for putting away and opening in 5,10 or 20 years. Maybe when the kids go to college. We are down to our last 6 in the shop, and when they go, they are gone. Normally €65 but all Daddys should own some Barolo so we are giving this away for €50 – Buy it here

Me looking smug in the vineyards of Barolo

Me looking smug in the vineyards of Barolo

Happy Bloomsday and Happy Fathers Day this Sunday to all the heroes out there ( I know the mothers are the heroes but just give us this one day ( and buy us some wine ).

By the way, i deliberately didn’t put on wines that are €12.99 down to €9.99 because we fathers deserve a treat. Don’t be insulting us with cheap wines :)

Life is much too short to drink bad wine

January Stock Clearance SALE up to 30% OFF

January 26th, 2017

Overstock Clearance SALE – updated for February

We like to get our stock calculations as close to the bone as we can every Christmas. Sometimes we get it right, and sometimes we under estimate some lines and overestimate others.

But that means that you can avail of our January Overstock Clearance SALE. We have 30% OFF some serious wines, including a superb St Emilion from €13.99 and a cracking Faugeres from €10.49. Other star buys for me are the Rendez Vous Viranel from our friend Nicholas in St Chinian. It was a victim of the incredible success of their Tradition Red. The Cab Sab / Cab Franc blend is selling from €10.49 in the sale. That’s a serious wine at a crazy price. Online prices are at 25% based on 6. If you want more, drop us a line.

The deal is simple

Buy any 2 – 15% off the RRP
Buy any 6 – 25% off the RRP
Buy any 12 – 30% off the RRP


The full list of wines is here. Or you can click into each wine below to get detailed tasting notes.

Bad News - We have taken 3 wines off ( because you really got stuck into the deal ) – thank you.

Good News - we have added 4 more including a great Bordeaux that was a Gold Medal winner last year.

Santa Gloria Carmenere Gran Reserva €15.99 – down to €11.19 with full discount

Chateau Haut Maziers Bordeaux €16.99 – down to €11.89 with full discount – GOLD MEDAL WINNER

Chateau Agnel Minervois Reserva €17.99 – down to €12.60 with full discount

Moulin de Gassac Pinot Noir €16.99 – down to €11.89 with full discount

Buy in for discount 2 Bottles 6 Bottles 12 Bottles
Wine                                                         RRP      15%         25%       30%
Corgo du Regau Red €14.99    €12.74     €11.24    €10.49
Corgo du Regau White €14.99    €12.74     €11.24    €10.49
Maucoil Cotes du Rhone Village Red    €17.99    €15.29     €13.49    €12.59
Fonts de Caussiniojouls €19.99    €16.99    €14.99    €13.99
Santa Gloria Carmenere Reserva           €12.99    €11.04     €9.74     €9.09
Santa Gloria Chardonnay Reserva         €12.99    €11.04     €9.74     €9.09
Santa Gloria Sauvignon Blanc Reserva €12.99    €11.04     €9.74     €9.09
Griset Sauvignon Gris                               €14.99    €12.74     €11.24    €10.49
Castello de Medina Verdejo €14.99    €12.74     €11.24    €10.49
Sommos Glarima Red                               €12.99    €11.04     €9.74     €9.09
Clos de Lilas Montagne St Emilion €19.99    €16.99    €14.99    €13.99
Viranel Rendez Vous                                 €14.99    €12.74    €11.24     €10.49
1907 Madiran €19.99    €16.99    €14.99    €13.99
Mas Olivier Faugeres €14.99    €12.74    €11.24     €10.49

Applies to floor stock only. When its gone its gone. We can’t reserve wines so you only secure the wines when you pay.


A ’slight’ change to Opening Hours ( very slight )

January 6th, 2017

As of today, we will be closing on Fridays at 6pm.
Traditionally we stayed open until 7pm but from today it will be 6pm.
We are also closed on Sundays ( we open in November & December ).

Happy New Year.

Christmas Opening Hours

December 21st, 2016


Mix Cases for Christmas

December 16th, 2016

We have our ever popular mix cases back


Silver Case €60

SIlver Mix Case

SIlver Mix Case

There is great value in the wine world if you know where to look for it. That is a job we have become very good at in Red Nose Wine so we are delighted to be able to offer this great value mix case of wine. We have specially selected some great red and white wines from France, Spain, Italy and Chile. This is always one of our best sellers every year. Buy here

Gold Case €85

Mix Gold Case

Mix Gold Case

If you really want to impress someone this Christmas, our Gold Case has something for everyone and includes some really interesting Red and White Wines. These are among our most loved wines from some of the best regions in France, Spain, Italy and New Zealand .
Buy here

Platinum Case €150

Mix Platinum Case

Mix Platinum Case

This is where the real Wow factor wines are to be found. Top end wines for your those special people ( or maybe just for yourself ). Sancerre, Chablis, top notch Champagne, Reserva Rioja & some cult classics from the south of France. Make the right impression this Christmas. Buy here